o brother, could you spare some asparagus?

brainco friends and lovers.

here's an oldie. i wrote this garbage on my mormon mission. then for a creative writing class i made this rendition. hopefully next time i'll create something more specific for this format.


November reaction

I had a crazy month and ended up writing a poem inspired by Sean's awesome shoes. Hopefully I can draw on something soon, but over the course of the month I couldn't think of anything awesome, so here's the poem...

The straight and narrow

Treads are read
like words, from the bottom of a shoe,
like lines in the dust that prove
we went to the moon.
If I took a branch and brushed it behind us,
if I really mussed the dust and let it settle all around us,
might it settle as a man?
For unto dust I am. But our bare feet
still leave impressions in the land.
Do you think Adam and Eve ran?
Did God cobble shoes along with coats of skin,
set to tread where moths corrupt and thieves break in?