October Catalyst

This was created on a leather chair in a waiting room.


Sons of Thunder

Here's my reaction. I recorded it in just a couple hours last night on my old equipment. My new interface broke and I had to send it back. So the song is rough and there are some issues, but I thought I'd put it up for some feedback before I really finalize it. So take a critical look at song structure, lyrics, whether I can actually sing the chorus with any skill...

Oh, and Bobs, it ended up being pretty personal. I didn't set out for it to be such a personal response, it just kinda came out like that. I took some of your lyrics and made them my own.

I made a Brainco profile on Purevolume for posting songs. I'll email the passwords and stuff.


loss of blood

Terrorism? HA!
Gents--here's the first I guess. It'll be less than stellar. This is why. It's just rough lyrics for a rough song. It'd be more romantic to have put the song on here, but I haven't recorded it yet. But these lyrics are pretty silly and ready for slicing and splicing. Rip it like you would a Christmas package.

A muggy Sunday, I ran into an old friend.
Wiping sweat from my brow we began talking
about the days and asking where everyone went.
Cars honked as it struck me then
that you're no longer friends if every conversation
begins with "remember when..."

If archaeologists unearthed
a chunk of St. Christopher's fossilized turd
would people begin to worship it
treat it like a relic?
Would they call it holy sh*t?
Father how many sins would it forgive
if we sold it for indulgences?
And reverend how many offerings could we get
if we hyped up its healing prowess?

On the tv a syndicated preacher
wearing an Bad Religion t-shirt
hate-monger comedians led by Maher
talking heads saying Mohammad's an agent of terror
an angry pastor screaming Smith was a fraud
too many saying Darwin's an anti-Christ or a God.
There's science sans religion and religion sans science
and being friends with homosexuals without joining an alliance.
But I'm just too pious.
Just too pious.

Okay there it is. I know most of it is sing-songy and cheesy. I'll have better stuff in the future.



It's alive!

Happy Labor Day. Brainco is officially on the grid.