Sons of Thunder

Here's my reaction. I recorded it in just a couple hours last night on my old equipment. My new interface broke and I had to send it back. So the song is rough and there are some issues, but I thought I'd put it up for some feedback before I really finalize it. So take a critical look at song structure, lyrics, whether I can actually sing the chorus with any skill...

Oh, and Bobs, it ended up being pretty personal. I didn't set out for it to be such a personal response, it just kinda came out like that. I took some of your lyrics and made them my own.

I made a Brainco profile on Purevolume for posting songs. I'll email the passwords and stuff.


s e a n said...

Brig, This is Awesome! You're a freakin' renaissance man.

Anonymous said...

Well done boys, it's like old times on the intranerd. I absolutely love it.

Amelia said...

i'm lovin' the song and the whole concept of this blog. Could I share my creations or would they just be too girly?